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Certified English-Slovak Translations

Certified English-Slovak Translations

Slovak-English TranslatorsAre you searching for a Slovak translator? LinguaVox is an online ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 certified translation agency specialised in Slovak to English and English to Slovak translation services. Our language offer includes quality document translation services in more than 150 languages, and thousands of language combinations.

That means that we can help you with English to Slovak and Slovak to English translations, but also with French-Slovak, German-Slovak, Italian-Slovak, Portuguese-Slovak, and other language combinations with Slovak as a source or target language. Our professional Slovak translators provide multimedia, website, patent, medical, legal, technical, and certified translations.

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Slovak Language Services from/into most languages

At LinguaVox, we provide English-Slovak and Slovak-English translation services handled by professional native Slovak translators. From Bratislava to Košice, our linguists are strategically positioned in major Slovak-speaking cities. They offer document translation services across different sectors including legal, medical, technical, and more. We ensure that every translation is accurate and culturally aligned, whether it's a business contract, a medical report, or a technical user manual.

Our full range of Slovak language services includes:

Technical translation services between Slovak, English, and dozens of other languages (Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, etc.). Our translators work exclusively into their mother tongue and live in the country where the translation is to be used

• Slovak language interpreters in most European and North American cities. We provide interpretation services in all modalities (simultaneous, teleconference, consecutive, etc.)

• Certified and sworn translators to assist you in the translation of birth certificates, passports, academic records, medical reports, etc. All our certified translators are fully authorised by the relevant authorities and approved to provide their services with full legal validity

• Website and software localisation targeted specifically at the Slovak-speaking market

Multimedia translations. We can help you finding a native Slovak narrator, voice actor, voice-over, or provide you with subtitling and dubbing services

• Desktop publishing and typesetting in Slovak. Our expert desktop publishers can supply ready-to-publish files in all formats, whether they are media or text files

• Overnight, same-day, and rush Slovak translations

Please contact our Slovak translation department for a non-binding quote on the service you require.

The Slovak Language

There are approximately 5 million native Slovak speakers, most of whom live in the Central European nation of Slovakia, where it is the official and national language. Slovak also has official status in the Czech Republic and in Vojvodina (Serbia), in addition to being a recognised minority language in Ukraine.

Although Czech and Slovak belong to the same language continuum and are (for the most part) mutually intelligible, they are different in terms of phonology, verb conjugation, and more importantly, vocabulary. There are as many as 11,000 cases of differing words between Slovak and Czech.

ISO 17100 Certified Translations from and into Slovak

LinguaVox is a certified translation agency founded in 2000, and which currently has offices in Europe and in the United States. Our professional trajectory has allowed us to build a large translator database in more than 150 languages. Our Slovak translation department consists of a team of selected translators, revisers, reviewers, project managers, interpreters, voice actors, desktop publishers, and many other language professionals, who specialise in multiple industry areas (manufacturing, construction, information technology, engineering, petroleum, insurance, legal services, life sciences, European Union affairs, patents, etc.).

All our ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 compliant Slovak translation services are backed up by a triple quality guarantee.

Certified English-Slovak Translations for Immigration

Immigration procedures often demand certified translations of personal documents. With our certified translation services, we provide accurate English-Slovak translations that are readily accepted by USCIS and UK authorities. We take great care in translating important documents like immigration forms, birth certificates, academic transcripts, and more, offering you peace of mind during your immigration journey.

Professional Language Interpreting Services in Slovakia

LinguaVox is proud to provide professional interpreting services throughout Slovakia and globally. Whether you're in a business meeting in Bratislava or attending a medical appointment in Nitra, our skilled interpreters are here to ensure seamless communication. They're readily available in most major cities in Slovakia and around the world, bridging the language gap between English and Slovak speakers.

We offer translation services in more than 150 languages

Our ISO 17100 Certified Translation Agency provides a wide range of professional translation services, including medical, legal, technical, patent, website and certified translation services. We are specialised in English translation services into and from most world languages:

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