Top Quality Translations

Accuracy is essential to the value of professional translation services, and LinguaVox works to uphold the standards demanded by our worldwide base of satisfied clients with our Triple Quality Guarantee. This policy of excellence in translation focuses on three main accuracy metrics: the ISO 9001 quality standard, the ISO 17100:2015 international quality standard and internal quality controls carried out by highly-experienced Project Managers who possess a degree in translation and vast experience in the translation field.

ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System

The ISO 9001 standard is designed to account for the well-organized management system LinguaVox, This rigorous quality management system, makes it easy for our Project Managers, freelancers and, most importantly, our customers to track the progress and status of current LinguaVox projects.

With this system in place, users and staff can instantly find any file, identify the specialist who last addressed the project, and even ask for another copy to be delivered in the most efficient manner possible. Our quality management system also helps to promote a healthier environment by limiting the required printing of hard copies.

ISO 17100 Certified Translation Service

The unrivaled quality of LinguaVox translation is also made possible through adherence to the ISO 17100:2015 standard, previously known as EN-15038, the international translation assessment. The ISO 17100 standard clearly defines the parameters of professional quality translation, establishing standards for translation and revision as well as providing guidelines for recognized translator qualifications. LinguaVox has been certified to meet or exceed all requirements of this metric, helping to spearhead the future of reliable translation by voluntarily conforming to these strict guidelines.

Internal Quality Control

Our primary line of defense against inaccuracy in translation is our internal quality control system, overseen by our senior Project Managers. All of our senior Project Managers must have advanced degrees in Translation as well as 8 years of full time service in management or translation projects, and this extensive experience helps them identify potentially problematic areas that may arise in a rendering from spelling and grammar to formatting. Their attention to detail creates a comprehensive system of evaluation involving multiple reviews by highly trained linguistic experts, delivering consistently flawless translation.