LinguaVox: Your Trusted Translation Agency since 2000

A deep and expansive knowledge of language is key to a high quality translation, and this includes technical jargon that may be unfamiliar to even fluent speakers of a source language which effectively represent a dialect all their own. For this reason, translation of technical texts is only viable in the hands of an expert, and so LinguaVox employs a team of technical and engineering experts as well as other industry specialists that give us the ability to translate practically any word in over 60 languages.

Our technical staff shares expertise in technical content including manuals, user guides, system spec documents, safety reports, patents, grant applications, installation instructions, training materials, data sheets and more. Our standards are compliant with both ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001 guidelines, and our internal review system means even the smallest oversight will be eliminated before delivery to you.

Urgent Translation

In the age of the global marketplace the clock is always ticking, and so LinguaVox also specializes in quick turnaround translation projects. We employ crews of expert translators in dozens of languages who can accurately render immense volumes of text quickly and effectively.

Universal Compatibility

LinguaVox also works to ensure we can provide our services to the widest range of clients by maintaining software to handle any file format. While most documents are generated using MS Word, many are not, and so we also support a full range of file formats including Adobe Framemaker, InDesign, XML and an array of other formats. We can even translate technical captions and callouts with documents including technical renderings.

Technical Expertise

Consistent use of proper technical terminology is paramount for accurate translation, and so our fully qualified technical translation staff will begin your project by compiling a list of industry-specific terms used in the project. This provides our entire translation team with a central resource of reference and ensures the accuracy of single-party expert translation with the speed and convenience of a team rendering effort.