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Certified Translation Services

Certified Translation Services

Cork, known for its commercial prowess and multicultural spirit, is a city with unique translation needs. To address these needs, LinguaVox UK Translation Company offers ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified translation services tailored to Cork's specific requirements.

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Advancing Cork's Industries with Expert Translation

Cork is a powerhouse of sectors such as technology, pharmaceuticals, and food production. LinguaVox's proficiency in over 150 languages, competitive rates, and wide-ranging expertise help these industries broaden their global reach. Our particular focus on English-Spanish Translation Services supports Cork's international businesses, especially in its booming tech sector.

Enhancing Communication in Cork's Multilingual Society

Cork is a melting pot of cultures, with languages such as English, Irish, Polish, Lithuanian, and more spoken across the city. LinguaVox is committed to promoting inclusivity in this diverse community by providing translations widely accepted by UK and Irish authorities. This allows all residents, regardless of their linguistic background, to easily access essential services.

Certified Translations for Cork's Global Engagements

From contracts for Cork's multinational corporations to academic certificates for students seeking overseas education, LinguaVox ensures accurate and reliable certified translations. For instance, a Cork-based company planning to establish a branch in Spain would need sworn translations of their business registration documents. LinguaVox can meet these needs, ensuring that your intentions are accurately communicated and your documents' legal validity is preserved.

Building Global Connections for Cork with Quality Translation Services

LinguaVox is more than a translation provider; we're a partner in Cork's global endeavours. In addition to UK certified translations, we offer sworn translation services in several countries, including Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and Turkey. Furthermore, our certified translations are accepted by the USCIS and most US governmental institutions, thus supporting Cork's international interactions.

LinguaVox: Your Trusted Translation Partner in Cork and Beyond

Whether you're in central Cork or surrounding towns such as Ballincollig, Blarney, or Cobh, LinguaVox is dedicated to providing exceptional certified translation services. Our ISO certifications are proof of our commitment to quality, and our extensive language offerings ensure we can cater to your unique needs.

Certified Translators in Ireland

For exceptional certified translation services acknowledged by the Home Office, HM Passport Office, and most UK authorities, as well as the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland and the Irish Immigration Service, look no further. Our translation agency in London is perfectly situated to meet your needs. We are proud to offer comprehensive translation services in Ireland. In addition, we provide English translation services from and into any language, as part of our full suite of professional translation services.