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Translation job opportunities

Translation job opportunities

Discover Exciting Translation Job Opportunities with LinguaVoxEmbark on a rewarding career journey in the language services industry with LinguaVox. We're always eager to welcome new talents to our dynamic team of freelance linguists. Explore our translation jobs and interpreting vacancies and apply today using our online application form.

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Varied Freelance Translation and Interpreting Careers

At LinguaVox, we present a wealth of career opportunities in the translation and interpreting field. Whether your expertise lies in technical, medical, sworn or audio-visual translations, or if you are skilled in liaison interpreting, consecutive, simultaneous, or over the phone interpreting, we have a range of job opportunities for you.

Specialised Translation Jobs

From translating complex medical documents to localising software and video games, our translation jobs span a variety of specialities. The ideal candidate for technical translation jobs at LinguaVox would be a linguist who boasts a university degree, notably in Translation and Interpreting or Language Studies, a substantial technical background, and a minimum of two years of professional practice.

Exciting Opportunities in Localisation, Proofreading, and Revision

LinguaVox is not only about translation and interpreting. We also provide opportunities in areas like software localisation, video game localisation, and website localisation. In addition, proofreaders and revisers play a critical role in maintaining our high-quality standards.

Graphic Design, Audio and Video Editing Jobs

Are you talented in the art of typesetting, desktop publishing, or graphic design? Maybe your skills lie in audio and video editing. At LinguaVox, we offer a range of job opportunities that go beyond language translation and interpreting, allowing you to bring your unique skills to the table.

Lend Your Voice: Professional Voice-Over Opportunities

With our voice-over jobs, you can bring our clients' content to life. Whether it's for a commercial, explainer video, or e-learning module, your voice can make all the difference. Join our team of voice talents and explore the power of your voice.

To join our team, please fill in our online application form for translators and interpreters. Thank you in advance for your application. We look forward to working with you soon.

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