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Certified English-Korean Translations

Certified English-Korean Translations

Korean-English TranslatorsLinguaVox is an established translation agency specializing in Korean into English and English into Korean translation services. Since 2000, we have supported hundreds of companies with their website, product catalogue, patent, and technical manual translation requests to and from Korean.

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Korean Language Services

Our range of Korean language services includes:

• Korean language interpreters

• Sworn and certified translations

• Korean website and desktop publishing services. We specialise in ready-to-publish translation services

Multimedia translations

• Software and videogame localisation

• LinguaVox can also help you with your translation needs between Korean and other languages, including Japanese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Arabic, etc.

The Korean Language

Korean is the mother tongue of approximately 80 million people. It is the official language of North and South Korea, and it is a co-official language in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, located in North Eastern China. There are also significant Korean-speaking communities in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

According to recent reports, South Korea is the most industrialised member state of the OECD. For over 50 years, the Korean economy has been one the world's fastest-growing. And while the rest of the industrialised economies are still battling to overcome the financial recession, South Korea is relatively unscathed. Due to this, many international firms are considering the benefits of developing commercial ties with this Asian giant.

Foreign companies trading with Korean firms need to be aware of the complex honorific system that pervades the Korean language. In addition, there are seven "speech levels", which are used to indicate the formality of a situation both in speech and in writing. The correct use of honorifics and speech levels is an important factor when it comes to ensuring successful business transactions with Korean companies.

Do not hesitate to contact our translation agency if you require English Translation Services or professional translation services from or into Korean.

English-Korean Document Translations

Whether it's medical records, business contracts, technical manuals, or patent applications, we've got you covered. Our linguists, based in major South Korean cities such as Seoul, Busan, and Incheon, are well-versed in various industries and proficient in ensuring accurate translations that resonate with your intended audience.

Certified Korean to English Translations accepted by US, UK And Irish Authorities

For the Korean communities residing in major cities like London, Birmingham, Dublin, Los Angeles, and New York, dealing with official paperwork can be a daunting task. However, LinguaVox's certified translation services are here to help. We provide precise Korean to English translations that meet the strict standards of USCIS, UK, and Irish authorities. Whether it's medical records, employment contracts, police clearance certificates, or other critical documents, our services ensure that Korean speakers in these cities have their translations accepted without complications.

Exceptional English-Korean Translation Services for Businesses

As the South Korean market continues to grow, businesses looking to establish a footprint in this dynamic region can rely on our tailored technical translation services. We offer website localisation, contract translations, and marketing material translations that are nuanced and impactful, helping you to engage effectively with the local audience.

We offer translation services in more than 150 languages

Our ISO 17100 Certified Translation Agency provides a wide range of professional translation services, including medical, legal, technical, patent, website and certified translation services. We are specialised in English translation services into and from most world languages:

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