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Certified English-Persian Translations

Certified English-Persian Translations

\0\-English TranslatorsLinguaVox is an online ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 certified translation agency specialised in Persian to English and English to Persian translation services.

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Your Trusted Persian Language Partner

Our English-Persian translation services agency has been operating since 2000 from our headquarters in Europe and our translation agency in the United States. Our language offer includes quality document translation services in more than 150 languages, and thousands of language combinations.

That means that we can help you with English to Persian and Persian to English translations, but also with French-Persian, German-Persian, Italian-Persian, Portuguese-Persian, and other language combinations with Persian as a source or target language. Our professional Persian translators provide multimedia, website, patent, medical, legal, technical, and certified translations.

The Persian Language: Farsi, Dari, Tajik

Persian (called Farsi by native speakers) is an Indo-European language with official status in Iran, Pakistan, and the Republic of Tajikistan. Persian is also spoken in various countries in Central Asia and in the Gulf, as well as by Persian-speaking immigrants in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, where it is estimated that there 1 million speakers. In total, it is believed that there are 110 million native Persian speakers in the world. Currently, there are numerous media in Persian in countries like France, Sweden, Germany, and Switzerland.

There are three main variants of the Persian language: Farsi, spoken mainly in Iran, Dari, which is an official language in Afghanistan, and Tajik, spoken in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In addition, there are 10 Persian dialects.

LinguaVox S.L. is a technical translation agency founded 22 years ago in Spain. Since 2000, the ever-increasing demand for our translation services has brought us to open offices in the United States and to offer language solutions in more than 150 languages. We work with an extensive base of in-country language professionals, including translators, proofreaders, voice artists, web designers, software localisers, and interpreters, who supply their services in hundreds of cities around the world.

Our Persian (Farsi, Dari, Tajik) translators are selected from a wide pool of language professionals with proven experience in the industry. We also require that LinguaVox staff have a relevant qualification (often in the form of a degree in Translation or Philology) and extensive knowledge in their chosen technical areas of specialisation.

When you entrust a Persian translation service to us, you can rest assured that the final document will read as if it had originally been written in Persian (Farsi, Dari, Tajik, etc.). We pride ourselves on delivering flawless translations, and the quality of our services is documented by a long list of satisfied clients and two international certifications (ISO 9001 and ISO 17100).

Professional Translation Services into Persian: Farsi, Dari and Tajik

We offer the following Persian language services:

Technical document translation from Persian into English and from English into Persian (Farsi, Dari, Tajik)

• Over-the-phone Persian language interpreters

• Certified and sworn Persian translators

Multimedia translations

• Website and software localisation services in Persian (Dari, Farsi, Tajik)

• Overnight, same-day, and rush translation to and from Persian (Farsi, Tajik, Dari)

• Document translations between Persian and dozens of other languages (Arabic, French, German, etc.)

Desktop publishing services (DTP)

Contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made solution to your translation requests.

Certified English to Persian Translations Accepted by USCIS and the UK Government

LinguaVox is your reliable provider of certified translation services from English to Persian, ensuring that your translated documents meet the requirements set by USCIS and the UK Government. Our team of professional translators specializes in accurately translating a wide range of documents for immigration, legal, and official purposes.

Our certified English to Persian translations cover various document types, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic diplomas, educational transcripts, driver's licenses, passports, adoption papers, police clearance certificates, employment contracts, financial statements, medical records and reports, legal agreements and contracts, power of attorney documents, immigration documents such as visa applications and residence permits, affidavits, notarized letters, divorce decrees, court judgments, property deeds, wills, trust documents, insurance policies, bank statements, tax returns, and business licenses. Each translation is handled with utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that the content, formatting, and context of the original document are accurately conveyed in the translated version.

With LinguaVox, you can trust in our expertise and professionalism in delivering certified translations from English to Persian that meet the strict standards set by USCIS and the UK Government.

We offer translation services in more than 150 languages

Our ISO 17100 Certified Translation Agency provides a wide range of professional translation services, including medical, legal, technical, patent, website and certified translation services. We are specialised in English translation services into and from most world languages:

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