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Certified English-Portuguese Translations

Certified English-Portuguese Translations

Portuguese-English TranslatorsAt LinguaVox, we recognize the nuances and intricacies that come with the different variants of the Portuguese language. Whether you require English-European Portuguese, English-Brazilian Portuguese, or African Portuguese translation services, our team of native Portuguese translators, based in key cities like Lisbon, Porto, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Luanda, are prepared to assist you. They provide impeccable Portuguese translation services that consider regional dialects, cultural context, and local expressions to deliver translations that truly resonate with your target audience.

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Looking for Portuguese Translations?

LinguaVox has been providing expert English-Portuguese translation services for nearly 20 years. We are dedicated to delivering accurate and high-quality Portuguese translations, and our commitment to excellence is reflected in our ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality certifications.

Why Choose us for Portuguese Translation Services?

Our commitment to quality, combined with our extensive experience and specialized knowledge, makes us the ideal choice for Portuguese translation services. Whether you are dealing with complex technical documents, sensitive medical records, or crucial legal contracts, we ensure that every Portuguese translation is accurate, culturally relevant, and delivered on time. Contact us today to get started on your Portuguese project and experience the difference that professional services can make.

Native Translators

Our team consists of native Portuguese speakers who have a deep understanding of the language's nuances and cultural contexts. This ensures that your documents are translated with the utmost accuracy and fluency.

Qualified Professional:

Each linguist in our team holds relevant qualifications, often with degrees in translation or related fields. This educational background ensures they have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle a wide range of linguistic solutions.

Bilingual Experts

Our translators are bilingual, meaning they are fluent in both Portuguese and English. This proficiency allows them to understand the intricacies of both languages.

Experienced Language Professionals

With years of experience in the field, our linguists have developed expertise in various subjects. Whether it's legal documents, medical reports, technical manuals, or marketing materials, they can handle it all.

Specialized Knowledge

Each linguist specializes in specific areas, ensuring that they are well-versed in the terminology and style required for your documents. This specialization guarantees high quality.

Tailored Portuguese solutions for different linguistic variants

It's crucial to specify the target country when requesting a quote. Portuguese is spoken in several countries, and there are significant differences between the variants:

  • European Portuguese: Spoken in Portugal, this variant has unique vocabulary and grammatical structures.
  • Brazilian Portuguese: Widely spoken in Brazil, this variant differs significantly from European Portuguese in terms of pronunciation, vocabulary, and even some grammar rules.
  • African Portuguese: Portuguese is also spoken in countries like Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, and São Tomé and Príncipe. Each of these countries has its own unique version of Portuguese, influenced by local languages and cultures.

How to place an order

  1. Request a Quote
    Provide us with the details of your project, including the target country. This helps us assign the most suitable language expert for your needs.
  2. Delivery
    Once we have all the information, our native, qualified, and experienced native language specialists will get to work, ensuring your documents are translated accurately and delivered on time.
  3. Quality Assurance
    Our quality certifications (ISO 9001 and ISO 17100) ensure that every translated document meets high standards of quality and accuracy.
  4. Customer Support
    Our team is always available to answer any questions and provide support throughout the whole process.

Diverse Document Types

We understand that different industries require to translate various document types, each with its own specific requirements. Our Portuguese translation services cover a broad range of document types, ensuring that your needs are met regardless of the field or complexity of the content.

Legal Documents

Our Portuguese translation services are perfect for legal documents such as contracts, agreements, court transcripts, patents, and licenses.

Medical Documents

We translate medical documents including patient records, clinical trial reports, medical research papers, and pharmaceutical instructions. Precise translations are essential to ensure patient safety and regulatory compliance.

Technical Documents

Technical manuals, user guides, product specifications, and engineering reports are among the documents we handle. Our translators have expertise in various technical fields.

Financial Documents

Our Portuguese translation services extend to financial documents such as annual reports, financial statements, audit reports, and tax documents. Accuracy in financial translations is vital for compliance and decision-making processes.

Marketing Materials

For businesses looking to expand into Portuguese-speaking markets, we translate marketing materials including brochures, advertisements, product descriptions, and website content. Our translation services ensure that your message resonates with the target audience.

Educational Materials

We offer translation services for educational documents such as textbooks, syllabi, research papers, and academic transcripts. These translations help educational institutions and students communicate effectively across language barriers.

Personal Documents

Our translation services also include the Portuguese translation of personal documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, and personal correspondence. These translations are often needed for immigration, legal processes, and personal records.

Business Documents:

For corporate needs, we translate business plans, reports, internal communications, and presentations. Effective communication in business documents can lead to successful partnerships and operations in Portuguese-speaking regions.

Your Online Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese Translation Services Company

LinguaVox is an online translation agency specializing in Portuguese translation services, collaborating with Portuguese native translators from Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and other Portuguese-speaking countries.

Our professional European, African and Brazilian Portuguese language professionals are qualified, specialised and experienced linguists who provide multimedia, website, patent, medical, legal, technical, and certified translations into Portuguese.

We also work with native English-speaking translators who can translate your Portuguese-language files into English.

LinguaVox has been offering Portuguese translations for more than 20 years. Two international certificates and a long list of satisfied clients in the UK, Europe and the Americas, attest to our exceptional quality standards.

As an ISO 17100 certified translation company, each of our translators and language professionals are carefully selected and matched to the projects that better suit their specialist skills. We also work with in-country linguists, meaning that if you require the translation of a contract to be used in Sao Paulo, we will ensure that the project is assigned to a Brazilian Portuguese translator, with a solid background in law, and who is familiar with the particularities of the judicial system in Brazil. Likewise, if you have a product catalogue you'd like to use in Portugal, we will assign the Portuguese translation to a native translator in Portugal.

English-Portuguese Translations and Multilingual Services

Our English-Portuguese translation services extend across various document types and industry sectors. Whether you need to translate corporate documents, financial reports, medical records, legal documents, or technical translations, our highly skilled Portuguese translators are on hand to deliver precise and culturally appropriate translations. Our commitment to quality and accuracy ensures that your message is clearly communicated.

Our African, European and Brazilian Portuguese language services include:

  • Technical document translation between English and Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese, African Portuguese, or European Portuguese), and between European and Brazilian Portuguese and English — our Portuguese language experts specialize in areas as diverse as forestry, management, human resources, law, medicine, civil engineering, international trade, tourism, manufacturing, import and export, dentistry, etc.
  • Technical document translation and interpretation services between Portuguese (Brazilian, African or European) and dozens of other languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, and many more.
  • Certified translations for use in various countries, including Portugal, Brazil, Angola etc.
  • Certified translation of Portuguese-language documents into English for use in the UK, USA, Canada, etc.
  • Software, website and videogame localisation services.
  • Multimedia translation solutions — dubbing, narrating, subtitling, etc.
  • Desktop publishing (DTP) services and typesetting, using state-of-the-art equipment and software.
  • Urgent European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese translations and rush translations.

Certified Portuguese Translations for Immigration Purposes

For the Brazilian, African, and other Portuguese-speaking communities in London, Manchester, Dublin, Boston, and Newark, dealing with official documents in English can be a challenge. That's where LinguaVox steps in with certified Portuguese translation services. Our team helps by translating Portuguese documents into English, ensuring they're accepted by USCIS, UK, and Irish authorities.

Many Brazilian and African Portuguese speakers in these cities rely on our Portuguese translation services. We're here to make sure their documents are ready and accurate for any official use.

English-Portuguese Translation Services for Global Reach

With Portuguese being the official language in nine countries and spoken by over 270 million people worldwide, the potential for reaching a vast audience is huge. That's why we also provide website translation services to help businesses penetrate Portuguese-speaking markets. Whether your target audience speaks European, Brazilian, or African Portuguese, our Portuguese translators ensure your content is culturally appropriate and engaging.

Portuguese, an official language in nine countries

Nine countries use Portuguese as their official language: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, and the island-nation of São Tomé and Príncipe. It is also an official language in the Special Administrative Region of Macau. Portuguese has official status in international organizations like the European Union, Mercosur, the Organization of American States, and the African Union.

With over 270 million speakers, Portuguese is the most widely spoken language in the southern hemisphere, and the world's fifth most spoken language. A recent study by UNESCO declared that Portuguese is, along with Spanish, the language with most potential for international growth. Furthermore, the Brazilian economy is one the world's largest and future projections predict that it will continue to expand in the short-medium term.

As such the demand for Portuguese translations is constantly growing and LinguaVox provides hundreds of clients with their frequent and growing translation needs into Brazilian Portuguese and Portuguese for Portugal.

European, African and Brazilian Portuguese native translators

With such a widespread reach, it is not surprising that there are numerous dialectal variations within the Portuguese language.

Despite recent spelling reforms to homogenize the language globally, there are still significant differences between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. The two variants differ widely in terms of spelling, pronunciation, the use of tenses, and vocabulary. Some of the most significant variations include the use of você instead of tu to refer to the 2nd person, differences in word order, and the omission of the definite article. Also, and despite a recent orthographic agreement, there are two orthographic systems applicable to Portuguese. Some publishers and website owners even opt for translating into two different Portuguese versions: one aimed at the Brazilian population, and one targeting Portuguese speakers in Europe.

While Portuguese speakers in Brazil and Europe can generally understand each other, using a European Portuguese translation in Brazil (or vice versa) would present readers with an unnecessary foreign feel. In addition, there are important cultural and geographical references that would be missed by readers of each Portuguese variant.

If the translation is to be used in African countries such as Angola, it is important to know that spelling reforms which have been adopted in Portugal and Brazil are not as widespread and often the pre-reform spelling is preferred.

At LinguaVox translation company we ensure that our Portuguese translations are carried out by in-country translators, as part of a team of expert localizers, to ensure that your Portuguese translation is suitable for the target audience.

We offer translation services in more than 150 languages

Our ISO 17100 Certified Translation Agency provides a wide range of professional translation services, including medical, legal, technical, patent, website and certified translation services. We are specialised in English translation services into and from most world languages:

LinguaVox, Your Portuguese Language Partner

Spain & Portugal

LinguaVox, our leading translation agency in Spain, excels in English-Spanish and English-Portuguese translation services and sworn translations. With 18 offices, our Bilbao location serves as the central headquarters.

United Kingdom & Ireland

Based in London LinguaVox UK offers certified translations for clients in the UK and Ireland. Our services ensure effective communication with clients in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.

United States & Canada

LinguaVox USA, our Michigan-based translation agency, offers certified translation services globally with a special focus on USCIS certified translations. We also provide comprehensive support to clients in Canada, ensuring their translation needs are met with the highest standards of accuracy and professionalism.