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Certified English-Spanish Translations

Certified English-Spanish Translations

\0\-English TranslatorsAt LinguaVox, we bridge the communication gap between the UK and Spanish-speaking countries with our bespoke English-Spanish translation services. Certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 17100, our translation agency in Spain specialises in providing accurate and culturally sensitive Spanish translations for a broad spectrum of industries across Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England. We have a network of translation companies in Spain, including translation agencies in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, etc. We can also help you with your interpreting needs in Spain.

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Why Choose LinguaVox for English-Spanish Translation Services in the UK and Ireland?

As a translation company with headquarters in Spain, we possess an in-depth understanding of both cultures and languages. Our team of linguists are native speakers, ensuring every translation maintains the nuances and spirit of the source text. Whether you require Spanish for Spain or Latin American Spanish, our translations reflect the regional variations and context accurately.

Your Strategic Language Partner in Spain

From technical manuals for manufacturing businesses in Sheffield to legal documents for law firms in Belfast, and from medical records for healthcare institutions in Cardiff to academic transcripts for universities in Dublin, we offer expert translation services across all specialist subjects. We pride ourselves in delivering translations that are not only linguistically accurate but also industry-specific.

We provide translation services in all languages spoken in Spain. Contact us if you require English-Catalan Translation Services, or if you need to translate an English document into Basque or Galician.

Seamlessly Navigate Spanish-speaking Markets

Our English-Spanish translation services empower UK businesses to navigate Spanish-speaking markets confidently. Whether you are a Manchester tech firm pitching a product to Spain, a Welsh renewable energy company bidding for a project in Mexico, or a Scottish tourism board attracting Latin American visitors, our translations are your gateway to success.

Reliable Certified Spanish Translations

LinguaVox's certified translations are accepted by the UK Home Office, the UK Passport Office, most UK authorities, the USCIS, and most US governmental institutions. Individuals from Edinburgh to Swansea, and from Kingston upon Hull to Luton, have relied on our certified translations for personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and academic qualifications.

All-encompassing Sworn Translation Services in Spain

Our services extend beyond the UK, offering sworn translation services in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, and other countries. Whether you are a London-based business finalising a contract in Spain, or a Leicester student applying to a university in Argentina, our sworn translations ensure your documents maintain their legal validity abroad. Additionally, we provide sworn translation services in Spain by sworn translators approved by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tailored Translation Solutions in Over 150 Languages

Beyond English-Spanish, we offer translation services in over 150 languages. We aim to serve the diverse linguistic needs of the UK's multicultural society, ensuring effective communication regardless of the language pair.

At LinguaVox, we do more than just translate words. We help you communicate effectively, enabling you to achieve your global ambitions.

We offer translation services in more than 150 languages

Our ISO 17100 Certified Translation Agency provides a wide range of professional translation services, including medical, legal, technical, patent, website and certified translation services. We are specialised in English translation services into and from most world languages:

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