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Translators and interpreters in Murcia, Spain

Translators and interpreters in Murcia, Spain

Translation Agency in MurciaOur translation agency in Murcia is conveniently located in a bustling business centre at Calle Alcalde Clemente García. Parc 19/5 — Pol. Ind. Oeste. 30169. San Ginés. Murcia, serving corporate clients with an appointment-based system.

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Comprehensive Translation Services in the Region of Murcia

LinguaVox is an online translation company with over 21 years of experience, offering language services in Spain and specifically in the Region of Murcia. Trusted by a vast number of institutional and corporate clients, we deliver translations in 150 languages, all backed by the ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 standards of certified translation quality.

We adhere to stringent professional standards by only employing translators who translate into their mother tongues and meet specific qualifications. These include formal higher education in translation, an equivalent degree with at least two years of translation experience, or over five years of professional translation experience.

Our dedication to quality is evident in our triple translation quality guarantee, which includes an ISO 9001 Certified System, ISO 17100 Certified Translation services, and meticulous internal quality control by a dedicated senior project manager.

Your ISO 17100 Certified Translation Company in Murcia

When it comes to English-Spanish translation services, we are your trusted partners in Murcia. LinguaVox assigns your documents to the most suitable professional translator, whether it's for Romanian-Spanish, Spanish-English, or any other language pair. Our ISO 17100 certified translation agency offers accurate and timely document translation services, ensuring you can operate confidently in the international business environment.

Sworn Translation Services in Murcia

Need a certified translator in Murcia for legal, medical, or academic documents? Our translation agency in Spain offers sworn translation services to certify documents in 39 languages. Whether you need to translate study certificates, company registration documents, medical records, notarial deeds, or legal requirements, we have the services to meet your needs.

Technical Translation Services in Murcia

LinguaVox specialises in offering technical translation services in a wide range of sectors, from automotive, wine-making, patent translations, technical manuals, to engineering, chemical, electronics, telecommunications, hydrology, and biochemistry. We also provide document translation services and professional medical and pharmaceutical translations. Check our translation prices for a detailed cost breakdown.

Interpreting Services in Murcia

Planning a meeting with Norwegian clients in Murcia, or perhaps a trip to Finland for an important business discussion? LinguaVox provides language interpreters in Murcia and throughout Spain, including interpreters fluent in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Ukrainian.

Our network doesn't stop at Murcia. LinguaVox has established branches across Spain, including Madrid, Valladolid, Seville, Mallorca, Toledo, Alicante, Santander, Logroño, Cáceres, Málaga, Pamplona, Valencia, Asturias, Barcelona, Murcia, Bilbao, Tenerife, and Lugo. Our global footprint extends even further, with a branch in London, United Kingdom, and another one in Michigan, USA.

We're committed to delivering translation and interpretation services of the highest quality to our clients in Murcia and beyond. Whether you're an SME seeking to expand your reach, or a multinational company looking to consolidate your global presence, LinguaVox is your trusted partner for all your language needs in Murcia. Contact us today to find out more about our services, or to get a free, no-obligation quote. We look forward to working with you!

Our Network of Translation Agencies in Spain

Our translation agencies in Spain are specialised in providing excellent quality English-Spanish Translation Services, including sworn translation services signed and sealed by sworn translators accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Additionally, we excel in translations from and into all the co-official languages spoken in Spain, such as English-Basque Translation Services, English-Catalan Translation Services, and other language combinations, including English-Galician or English-Valencian. Moreover, we also offer language interpreting services in all Spanish cities.