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Translators and interpreters in Seville, Andalusia, Spain

Translators and interpreters in Seville, Andalusia, Spain

Translation Agency in SevilleWelcome to LinguaVox, your reliable translation agency located in the vibrant heart of Seville. Our services encompass an impressive 150 languages, making us your ultimate language solutions provider. You can find our office at Calle Alcalde Clemente García. Parc 19/5 — Pol. Ind. Oeste. 30169. San Ginés. Seville (map). For any queries, please call us at +34 868205494.

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Top Quality Translation Services in the capital city of Andalusia

For the past two decades, leading businesses in Seville have trusted our translation agency in Spain for their technical translation requirements. Likewise, countless individuals have utilised our services for legally valid document translations. We are a proud part of LinguaVox' s extensive network of translation agencies across Spain, ready to assist you online or by appointment at our offices. To ensure superior service quality, our company is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 17100, and ISO 18587.

We employ only the most professional translators, each one translating into their native languages and fulfilling at least one of the following criteria: possessing a recognised degree in translation, holding an equivalent qualification plus at least two years of translation experience, or having over five years of professional translation experience. We are steadfast in providing a triple translation quality guarantee, cementing our commitment to excellence.

Your ISO 17100 Certified Translation Company in Seville

As an ISO 17100 certified translation agency, we are committed to providing high-quality English-Spanish translation services and translations between English and over 150 other languages. Our array of Document Translation Services is designed to support your diverse requirements, ensuring precision in every word.

Sworn Translation Services in Seville

Are you searching for sworn translation services in Seville? Whether it's for passports, company deeds, criminal record certificates, administrative documents, or any other kind of legal paperwork, our legal translation department offers sworn translation services throughout Seville and all other localities in Spain. We work with 39 languages accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union, and Cooperation, providing legally valid translations.

From academic records, enrolment fees, to family books, we offer sworn translations for numerous document types. Trust us for all your official translation needs.

Technical Translation Services in Seville

From Lebrija to Marchena, LinguaVox's professional translation services extend across the province of Seville. Whether you require technical translation of patents, technical manuals, medical documents, or professional document translation, our catalogue of technical translation services with dual quality assurance (ISO 9001/ISO 17100) is here to assist. Learn more about our translation prices and explore our website translation services as well as our professional translation services.

Interpreting Services in Seville

Receiving Danish clients at your location in Seville province? Travelling to Belgium for an important meeting and require a Dutch, French, or German interpreter? LinguaVox provides language interpreter services for consecutive, simultaneous, liaison, or official interpreting in Seville and across Spain.

Whether you require interpretation in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, or more, we have you sorted. We address a multitude of scenarios, including events at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones FIBES in Seville.

In addition, LinguaVox extends its services beyond Spain with agencies located across various cities. This extensive network ensures our clients get expert and localised language solutions wherever they may be. Whether you need our services in Madrid, Valladolid, Seville, Mallorca, Toledo, Alicante, Santander, Logroño, Cáceres, Málaga, Pamplona, Valencia, Asturias, Barcelona, Murcia, Bilbao, Tenerife, or Lugo, we are available to serve your translation needs. Even outside Spain, our London translation agency serves the translation needs of clients in the United Kingdom.

Whether it's a local business in Seville or a multinational corporation with a global footprint, LinguaVox' s commitment to delivering high-quality translation services remains the same.

Our Network of Translation Agencies in Spain

Our translation agencies in Spain are specialised in providing excellent quality English-Spanish Translation Services, including sworn translation services signed and sealed by sworn translators accredited by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Additionally, we excel in translations from and into all the co-official languages spoken in Spain, such as English-Basque Translation Services, English-Catalan Translation Services, and other language combinations, including English-Galician or English-Valencian. Moreover, we also offer language interpreting services in all Spanish cities.