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Multiilngual voice-over actors

Multiilngual voice-over actors

Professional Voice-Over Artist AgencyLooking for a professional voice-over artist agency to bring your project to life? Our company specialises in professional voice-over and translation services for all kinds of needs.

We collaborate with artists skilled in providing voice-overs for advertising, audio guides, training courses, documentaries, TV, cinema, video games, dubbing, corporate videos, animation, multimedia content, audiobooks, and more.

In our voice bank, you can find male voices, female voices, child voices, deep and high-pitched voices - a vast variety of professional voice-over artist voices of all ranges and ages.

Tell us about your project and what kind of voice-over artist you need, and we will find the most suitable voice to meet your objectives.

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If you need an online professional voice-over artist, you've found the right place. We have the voice you're looking for, be it a male voice, a female voice, or the voice of a child. The voice-over artists who work for our voice agency have a long professional trajectory and are accustomed to providing voice-overs for all types of needs.

Here we detail the most requested professional services from online voice-over artists. However, if you can't find what you need, don't hesitate to consult us. We're sure we can help.

Voice-over Artists for Advertising

If your project involves the voice-over of radio slots, commercial content for advertising, announcements, or advertising texts of any kind, you need a voice-over artist specialising in this area.

If, in addition to the voice-over, you also need professional translations, consult with one of our translation agency coordinators.

Voice-over Artists for Audioguides

They specialise in providing voice-overs for museum audioguides, cultural centres, tourist points of interest, parks, art galleries, historical centres, outdoor guided tours, etc.

Voice-over Artists for Training Courses

These artists' services are required to voice educational audiovisual content, training courses, e-learning, tutorials, etc. Often, our clients also request the translation of various audiovisual contents along with the voice-over.

Voice-over Artists for Documentaries

Usually, their job consists of providing the off-screen voice or the narrator's voice in documentaries and other multimedia content.

Voice-over Artists for Telephone Messages

They provide the voice for telephone voice-overs, telephone messages, switchboards, etc. Usually, these are inexpensive voice-overs when it comes to brief messages to record on the answering machine.

Voice-over Artists for Video Games

These professionals are responsible for providing the narrator's voice, as well as the voices of the different characters that appear in the video game. In this latter case, they are specialised dubbing actors.

Voice-over Artists for Corporate Videos

Their work is similar to that of documentary voice-over artists and other television or multimedia content. They are the narrators of the company's corporate video. Choosing the right voice for each company is key, and the decision should not be taken lightly.

It's common to also commission subtitle translation services.

Voice-over Artists for Dubbing

These professionals are dubbing actors and work in coordination with a multidisciplinary team in a professional dubbing studio. Often, clients also request translation services for dubbing.

Voice-over Artists for Audiobooks

This involves the voice-over of literary content or informative books. In the case of novels in multiple languages, there often has been previous literary translation work.


Our professional voice-over artist company offers translations in 150 languages and professional voice-over services in 75 languages. If you need to translate the voice-over script into several languages and want us to deliver the translated script and the corresponding audio files in the different languages, consult with one of our voice-over and translation project managers.

We'll send you a free, no-obligation quote where you can see the cost of the voice-over and the translation. The rates applied by different voice-over artists vary depending on the language and specialisation.

We have an extensive database of voice-over artists in more than 75 languages. All the voice-over artists are native speakers and provide voice-overs in their mother tongue.

Our voice bank of voice-over artists includes professionals from the major countries worldwide and provide voice-overs in the different variants of each language. For example, if your project is targeted at Argentina, Mexico, Chile, or Spain, the voice-over artist will be native to the corresponding Spanish variant.

We collaborate with voice-over artists from across Europe, Africa, America, and Asia, providing voices in all languages spoken in these continents. Tell us what type of voice-over artist you need. We're here to help.

Voice-over Artists from Spain

Tell us the type of voice-over artist you need. We collaborate with Basque, Catalan, Galician, Valencian, and Spanish voice-over artists, among others.

Voice-over Artists from Europe

We offer voice-overs in all languages spoken in Europe: Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Bulgarian, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Maltese, Slovak, Swedish, Romanian, Slovenian, Latvian, Irish, Czech, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Welsh, and more.

Voice-over Artists from Africa

We collaborate with African voice-over artists in various languages: Amharic, Berber, Swahili, Wolof, Xhosa, Yoruba, Zulu, etc.

Voice-over Artists from America

In addition to North American English voice-over artists, Spanish speakers from different Latin American countries, and Brazilian Portuguese voice-over artists, we also collaborate with voice-over artists in other minor languages of the American continent.

Voice-over Artists from Asia

We work with voice-over artists in Chinese, Bengali, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Cantonese Chinese, Tamil, Turkish, and other languages spoken in Asia. Consult us without any obligation.

Delivering Perfect Voice-Over Solutions: Superior Quality, Rapid Delivery, and Competitive Rates

With our extensive network of professional voice-over artists, we can handle projects of all sizes, budgets, and requirements. We guarantee superior quality, speedy delivery, and highly competitive rates.

Whether you need a voice for an advertisement, documentary, e-learning module, audiobook, or corporate video, you'll find the perfect voice within our comprehensive voice bank. We understand that the right voice can make a significant difference to your project, influencing how your brand, message, or story is perceived.

We ensure that each voice-over is meticulously matched to your project requirements, ensuring the best possible impact and response from your target audience.

Reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation quote, and discover the perfect voice for your project.

Let's bring your project to life with the perfect voice!

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