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Multimedia translators

Multimedia translators

LinguaVox Multimedia Translation ServiceLinguaVox is your trusted provider for professional Multimedia and Audiovisual Translation Services. We specialise in adapting and translating your multimedia content, ensuring your messages are accurately portrayed and culturally appropriate for your international audiences.

The growth of the multimedia translation industry is closely linked to an increased demand for localisation and globalisation services. In an attempt to reach the largest possible number of customers around the globe, many TV and radio stations, technical firms, and movie studios have seen the need to provide localised content that is linguistically and culturally acceptable and meaningful.

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Online Multimedia and Audiovisual Translation Services

Audiovisual translation or multimedia translation consists of a wide array of specialist solutions. The most common are subtitling, voice-over services, and dubbing, but at LinguaVox we go beyond that and offer an extensive list of professional multimedia translation services. We currently provide our services in more than 150 languages, thanks to our dedicated team of qualified and experienced translators, multimedia engineers, voice artists, and narrators. More than 23 years have elapsed since our first incursion in the market, during which we have compiled a comprehensive bank of voices that cover a large number of languages, regional variations, and accents. For instance, we do not only have native voice talents in Spanish, but our team is made up of professionals from all Spanish-speaking countries, so that your project can be delivered exactly to the audience is intended to. The same applies to other languages that are known for their regional variations, such as English, French, Chinese, and Arabic.

In addition to our proven experience in the field of multimedia translation and localisation, we are one of the few global translation agencies that can confidently offer a triple translation quality guarantee. Every project we undertake goes through comprehensive quality checks, performed by experienced project managers who are specialists in the multimedia translation industry. At LinguaVox we place the highest importance on delivering final products that cannot be faulted in any way. All our internal procedures comply with the most stringent international quality standards.

Adapting Scripts for Cinema, Films, Cartoons, Documentaries, and TV

Our team handles script translation services for a diverse range of multimedia formats. Whether it's a movie blockbuster, an informative documentary, or a captivating cartoon, we translate scripts into over 150 languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, and French.

Voiceover and Dubbing Adaptation for Multimedia Content

Experience seamless voiceover and dubbing services with LinguaVox. We adapt and synchronise translated scripts for voiceover and dubbing, ensuring flawless lip-synchronisation and adjustment to match the visual content.

Converting Spoken Dialogue into Written Form: Video and Audio Transcription Services

Our video and audio transcription services turn spoken dialogues into precise written records. Essential for understanding, referencing, and repurposing your multimedia content, our transcription services cover a wide array of languages.

Audio-Description for the Visually Impaired

We ensure multimedia content is accessible to all. Our audio-description services provide detailed descriptions of visual elements, making content more inclusive for visually impaired audiences.

Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

Our subtitling services aim to make audiovisual content accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers. We deliver accurate subtitles that allow your multimedia content to be enjoyed by all.

E-Learning Multimedia Localization

Take your e-learning content to a global level with our multimedia localization services. We adapt and translate your e-learning materials to align with the cultural nuances and language preferences of learners worldwide.

Localisation of Radio and Television Commercials

Our team specialises in the translation and localisation of radio and television commercials. We adapt your advertisements to appeal to your target audience's cultural and language preferences.

Comprehensive Audio and Video Localisation

To resonate with global audiences, localising your audio and video content is essential. We adapt your multimedia materials to reflect local languages and cultural nuances, maximising their impact and reach.

Unlock Global Gaming Markets with Videogame Localization

Videogame localization is key to engaging with international players. Our team expertly adapts your videogames to meet the cultural expectations and language of your global player base.

The Importance of ISO 17100 Certification in audiovisual and multimedia translations

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our ISO 17100 certification. This international standard mandates a two-step translation process: the translation itself and an independent revision. This ensures our multimedia translations are of the highest quality, which is vital for all translation areas, including legal, medical, and technical translations.

Choose LinguaVox for your multimedia and audiovisual translation needs, translating into over 150 languages, and ensure your content connects with global audiences. Reach out today!

Professional Language Solutions in over 150 languages

We take pride in offering Professional Translation Services, covering various industries and languages. Whether you require translations for legal documents, medical content, technical manuals, or websites, our expert translators ensure accuracy and cultural sensitivity.

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No matter the complexity or urgency, we stand ready to provide you with precise and timely English Translation Services for any language worldwide.

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