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Translation of wordpress websites

Translation of wordpress websites

WordPress Translation ServicesLooking to learn how to translate a WordPress website using translation plugins? LinguaVox is a translation company specialising in website translation.

Our web department boasts a rich array of translators proficient in key languages and tools used in web page creation. And of course, we are experts in WordPress, the most crucial web content management system. Here, we'll discuss the main WordPress translation plugins.

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Unleashing the Power of WordPress Translation Plugins

Translate your WordPress website to expand its reach and connect with a global audience. LinguaVox, a leader in the translation industry, specialises in the translation of websites, especially those built on WordPress - the world's foremost web content management system. Let's analyse some of the most effective WordPress translation plugins.

Industry-Leading Experts in WordPress Website Translation

Translating a WordPress website becomes easy when you have the right expertise and tools at your disposal.

The Rundown of Top WordPress Translation Plugins

Explore the plugins that can simplify and improve the translation process of your WordPress website.

H4: 1. WPML - The Crowd Favourite for WordPress Translation

Considered the best plugin for creating multilingual WordPress websites, WPML stands out due to its extensive compatibility and vast linguistic support.

It is undoubtedly the most popular on the list: it is considered the best WordPress plugin that exists for creating websites in several languages, and this is confirmed by the large number of WordPress plugins that are compatible with it.

This connector (in its paid version), incorporates manual translation as its great value proposition in the translation of web content: it does not work exactly like an automatic translator, but offers the support of a professional translator to create more accurate web content.

WPML supports more than 40 languages, with their respective linguistic variants depending on the localisation: it allows you to organise different content in languages of the same domain or in different domains.

In addition, WPML allows you to create a multilingual ecommerce site using the WooCommerce Multilingual tool: highly recommended for online shops that want to attract customers from abroad.

H4: 2. WeGlot Translate — The Translator and Optimizer

In its paid version, WeGlot works as an automatic web translator that, in addition to translating, solves the problem of Google indexing. It has a 10-day free evaluation version, which remains free if the web page has less than 2,000 words.

WeGlot automatically detects the content and translates it into many different languages, without having to worry about inserting additional code into the WordPress site: it allows you to both insert an automatic translation and purchase a professional translation.

H4: 3. GTranslate — Your Multilingual WordPress Solution

Supported by Google's automatic translation engine, GTranslate allows users to choose their preferred languages from a list of over 100 languages, available for both the free and paid versions.

GTranslate incorporates neural translation to make machine translations more human-like: it also translates meta descriptions and keywords, as well as selective hosting across domains.

H4: 4. Polylang — Seamlessly Translate WordPress in Multiple Languages

Combining the best of its predecessors, Polylang also supports almost the same number of languages as GTranslate and enjoys popularity on a par with WPML due to the good ratings it receives from its users, especially for incorporating a free evaluation version with full functionality.

Translations are done manually in its own editor, with the possibility of obtaining assistance from professional translators in the paid version; each page is translated independently, and it also allows the translation of URLs and the back-end of the website.

H4: 5. TranslatePress — WordPress Website Translation Without Compromising SEO

Once again, the concepts of automatic translation and manual translation are combined in an optimal tool for translating a complete website, while efficiently managing the back-end of the page.

TranslatePress offers a translation that you can edit to your liking; the paid version exploits its full potential, as it has an SEO extension to translate the alternative text of images, meta descriptions or slugs.

H4: 6. Multisite Language Switcher — Translating WordPress Subdomains

This powerful add-on allows you to manage translations of several subdomains or folders at the same time, but you must configure them individually beforehand.

Thanks to Multisite, you can manage translations of all the contents of a website: pages, custom posts, categories and custom tags.

H4: 7. Loco Translate — A little known WordPress Translation

This tool is very useful for translating all the sections of the website, including the content manager itself: you just have to make the changes directly from the WordPress manager.

It is really easy to install and use, and has both free and paid versions: it is based on automatic translation, and can be activated or deactivated at will from the configuration panel without losing the translations.

H4: 8. Google Plugin — A Simple Solution for WordPress Translation

It is perhaps the immediate option if you want to translate your WordPress quickly and without major headaches: with this connector, you will have Google's automatic translation directly inserted into your website.

However, as with all automatic translations, you will need to check the results: on the other hand, it is extremely easy to install and use.

Ensuring Error-Free WordPress Website Translation

Each Wordpress website has its own particularities and it is necessary to study them in order to determine which translation plugin is the most appropriate in each case.

Our translation agency chooses the best plugin and provides the client with a team of highly qualified web translators so that the translation is impeccable and error-free.

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