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Certified English-Serbo-Croatian Translations

Certified English-Serbo-Croatian Translations

Serbo-Croatian-English TranslatorsFor English to Serbian, Bosnian, or Croatian document translations, feel free to reach out to our Serbo-Croatian Translation Services Division. LinguaVox also has dedicated departments to assist you with your multimedia translation requirements (subtitling, voice-overs, dubbing, male and female Serbo-Croatian voice actors), and with desktop publishing. We specialise in delivering ready-to-publish files in all formats (sound, text) and using the latest technology and equipment.

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Comprehensive Translation Services from/into Serbo-Croatian

Serbo-Croatian is a language spoken in several countries across the Balkans, each with their unique cultural nuances and terminology. LinguaVox is committed to providing accurate and comprehensive English-Serbo-Croatian and Serbo-Croatian-English translation services. We employ native linguists based in significant Serbo-Croatian-speaking cities such as Belgrade, Zagreb, and Sarajevo. They are adept in handling various document translations from legal agreements, medical records, to complex technical manuals, ensuring top-tier linguistic quality that respects the cultural subtleties of each region.

Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian Language Services

Serbo-Croatian (sometimes called Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian) is a Slavic language spoken by approximately 17 million people, mostly in the Western Balkans. Following the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia, Serbo-Croatian became the official language of Croatia (where it is called Croatian), Bosnia and Herzegovina (where it is known as Bosnian, Croatian or Serbian), Kosovo and Serbia (Serbian), and Montenegro (known as Montenegrin). Therefore, there are four different standards of Serbo-Croatian.

Apart from obvious differences in vocabulary, accent, pronunciation, and syntax, Serbo-Croatian is written using different scripts. Whereas in Croatia it is written using the Latin alphabet, in Serbia, Kosovo, and Bosnia Herzegovina it can be found written both with the Latin and the Cyrillic alphabets.

Although Serbian, Croatian, and Bosnian present a high percentage of mutual intelligibility, due to the political and historical context, it is always recommendable to translate into the predominant variant of the country in which a document is going to be used.

LinguaVox is a certified translation agency offering translation services in the four standards of Serbo-Croatian. Our translators are not only selected according to their linguistic skills, but also taking into consideration their degree of cultural awareness and sensitivity. We work exclusively with in-country translators and interpreters who are fully acquainted with the cultural and political context of each area. Contact us if you require a Serbo-Croatian translation.

Certified English-Serbo-Croatian Translations for Immigration

Immigration procedures often require precise and certified translations of various personal documents. Our certified translation services offer high-precision English-Serbo-Croatian translations that are accepted by USCIS and UK authorities. We are proficient in translating various critical documents such as immigration papers, diplomas, marriage certificates, ensuring a smooth immigration experience for Serbo-Croatian speakers in the US and the UK.

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