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Professional translators

Professional translators

Professional Translation Services in most language combinationsLinguaVox is a professional translation services company with over 23 years' experience in the business translation services market in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, the USA, Canada, and most other world countries.

At LinguaVox quality is our number one priority and we specialise in accurate translations to fulfil your specific requirements. Our services are offered to both individuals and businesses across many varied industries. We have the skills to offer specialist translation services to diverse sectors such as legal, accountancy, banking, IT, marketing, management, government, telecom, health and construction.

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Certified Translation Services

In today's globalized world, efficient and effective communication is paramount. LinguaVox, an ISO 17100 certified translation agency, is your partner in overcoming language barriers and engaging effectively with your intended audience. From business and legal to medical and personal, our comprehensive array of professional translation services encompasses a wide variety of technical document types.

Our certified translation services are recognized and trusted across the globe for crucial procedures like immigration or academic submissions. With ISO 17100 certification, our translations are universally acknowledged, even by USCIS and UK authorities. This trust makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of documents such as immigration documents, marriage certificates, and academic transcripts.

Comprehensive Document Translation Services

Our document translation services span multiple document types. Be it contracts, birth certificates, technical manuals, product descriptions, medical records, data sheets, specifications, software strings, website content, movie scripts, or book manuscripts, our linguistic professionals have the expertise and cultural understanding to translate your content accurately into virtually any world language.

As a technical translation company, LinguaVox has experience in a range of industry sectors. Our portfolio includes clients we have assisted with services in advertising, technology, engineering, life sciences, telecommunications, patents, legal, finance, health, food, as well as personal documentation and much more. As an online translations services company, we assure to offer all our customers secure and confidential transfer and storage of their data online. Our accreditations and reputation further substantiate our professionalism and expertise as a reputed translations provider. Our success in becoming a leading global specialist translation agency is due to the establishment of a worldwide network of professional translators with substantial local language and cultural expertise. We have made our mark by effectively integrating our services, with costs to compliment fairly for translation solutions that offer real value.

Specialised Technical Translation Services

Technical translation services at LinguaVox are handled by subject-matter experts, who have profound knowledge in industry-specific fields. This service is particularly useful for complex documents such as patents, engineering schematics, scientific research papers, and technical user manuals. For inventors and businesses, our patent translation services provide global protection for your innovative ideas.

To provide perfect written translation requires specialist skills and meticulous attention to detail. Therefore investing in professional language services from LinguaVox will ensure you receive written translations of the highest standard from our in-house and freelance translation experts. Our commercial translation services are focused on assisting organisations looking for top quality translation work at affordable rates.

We are consummate professionals in the field and we offer our services to any private or public institution or organisation. In the global marketplace you need to be able to bridge the gap between different countries, cultures and languages and this is where our specialist translation services can provide valuable assistance. Translations play a pivotal role in cross cultural business and it will help you to build stronger partnerships with your business stakeholders and clients if the understanding and appreciation of the finer details is taken care of.

Urgent Translation Services with exceptional quality

For time-sensitive projects, our swift and reliable urgent translation services are available. Whether it's financial reports, press releases, legal notices, or medical documents requiring quick translation, our team of professional translators delivers without compromising accuracy or quality.

Additionally, LinguaVox offers multilingual DTP, language interpreting services, legal translation, medical & healthcare translation services, multimedia and audiovisual translation services, software localisation services, and website translation services. We also offer English translation services, facilitating communication between English and more than 150 languages worldwide, and English-Spanish translation services among others.

Professional Language Solutions in over 150 languages

We take pride in offering Professional Translation Services, covering various industries and languages. Whether you require translations for legal documents, medical content, technical manuals, or websites, our expert translators ensure accuracy and cultural sensitivity.

Explore our comprehensive services:

No matter the complexity or urgency, we stand ready to provide you with precise and timely English Translation Services for any language worldwide.

LinguaVox, Your International Translation Agency


Agencia de traducción LinguaVox, our leading translation agency in Spain, focuses on English-Spanish Translation Services and sworn translations. With 18 offices across Spain, our translation agency in Bilbao stands as the central headquarters.

United Kingdom

LinguaVox UK Translation Company, our dedicated translation agency in London, offers Certified Translation Services in the UK and Ireland. This ensures seamless communication with our clients throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.