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Professional translators

Professional translators

Professional Translation Services in most language combinationsLinguaVox is a professional translation services company with over 23 years' experience in the corporate language solutions market in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Spain, the USA, Canada, and most other world countries.

At our translation agency, quality is our number one priority, and we specialize in certified translations to fulfill your specific requirements. Our offerings are available to both individuals and businesses across many varied industries. We have the expertise to provide specialist linguistic solutions to diverse sectors such as legal, accountancy, banking, IT, marketing, management, government, telecom, health, and construction.

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Certified Translation Services

In today's globalized world, efficient and effective communication is paramount. LinguaVox, an ISO 17100 certified translation agency, is your partner in overcoming language barriers and engaging effectively with your intended audience. From business and legal to medical and personal, our comprehensive array of services encompasses a wide variety of technical document types.

Our certified translation services are recognized and trusted across the globe for crucial procedures like immigration or academic submissions. With ISO 17100 certification, they are universally acknowledged, even by USCIS and UK authorities. This trust makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of documents such as immigration documents, marriage certificates, and academic transcripts.

Certified Document Translation Services

Our certified translation company translates multiple document types. Be it contracts, birth certificates, technical manuals, product descriptions, medical records, data sheets, specifications, software strings, website content, movie scripts, or book manuscripts, our linguistic have the expertise and cultural understanding to translate your content accurately into virtually any world language.

As a professional translation service, we have experience in a range of industry sectors. Our portfolio includes clients we have assisted with solutions in advertising, technology, engineering, life sciences, telecommunications, patents, legal, finance, health, food, as well as personal documentation and much more. As an online translation service company, we assure all our customers secure and confidential transfer and storage of their data online. Our accreditations and reputation further substantiate our expertise as a reputed certified translations provider. Our success in becoming a leading professional translation solutions provider is due to the establishment of a worldwide network of experienced linguists with substantial local language and cultural expertise. We have made our mark by effectively integrating our offerings, with costs to complement fairly for certified translation solutions that offer real value.

Specialised Technical Translation Services

Technical translators at LinguaVox are subject-matter experts who have profound knowledge in industry-specific fields. This service is particularly useful for complex documents such as patents, engineering schematics, scientific research papers, and technical user manuals. For inventors and businesses, our patent translators provide global protection for your innovative ideas.

To provide perfect written language solutions require specialist skills and meticulous attention to detail. Therefore investing in certified language solutions from LinguaVox will ensure you receive written work of the highest standard from our in-house and freelance language experts. Our commercial translation services are dedicated to supporting organizations that seek high-quality at competitive prices. We aim to provide reliable and accurate language solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

LinguaVox serves private or public institutions or organizations. In the global marketplace you need to be able to bridge the gap between different countries, cultures and languages and this is where our specialist translation services can provide valuable assistance. Effective communication plays a pivotal role in cross-cultural business, helping you build stronger partnerships with your stakeholders and clients by ensuring the understanding and appreciation of the finer details.

Urgent Translation Services with exceptional quality

If your company needs a certified translation quickly, our team of seasoned translators is ready to assist. For instance, when a financial report or a press release requires prompt translation, you can count on us to deliver timely and accurate results.

For time-sensitive projects, our swift and reliable urgent translation solutions are available. Whether it's financial reports, press releases, legal notices, or medical documents requiring quick translation, our team of freelance translators delivers without compromising accuracy or quality. Our commitment to excellence means you can trust us with even the most urgent documents.

Additionally, LinguaVox offers multilingual DTP, language interpreting, legal translation, medical & healthcare translations, multimedia and audiovisual translations, software localisation, and website translations. We also facilitate communication between English and more than 150 languages worldwide, offering multilingual expertise, including specialized English-Spanish translation among others.

Professional Human Translators

In the world of translation services, the human element is irreplaceable. While machine and AI language solutions (like ChatGPT) have improved recently, they still can't match the nuanced understanding and cultural sensitivity that human translators provide. LinguaVox employs only highly qualified and experienced translators to ensure the best results, unless the client specifically orders ISO 18587 MT with full human post-editing.

Qualifications and Expertise

At LinguaVox, the selection of translators adheres to stringent criteria to ensure top-quality professional translation. All translators are required to have advanced degrees in translation studies or a related field, alongside a minimum of two years of professional translation experience. This rigorous standard is in line with ISO 17100, an international quality standard for translation services, which mandates that all translations undergo a thorough review by a second translator. This dual-layer review process ensures that every document is meticulously checked for accuracy and consistency, reinforcing LinguaVox's commitment to delivering flawless translations.

Industry-Specific Knowledge

One of the standout features of LinguaVox’s translation agency is its focus on industry-specific expertise. Translators are not just language experts; they are also specialists in particular fields such as legal, medical, technical, and financial sectors. This specialization means that whether a client needs a legal contract, a medical report, a technical manual, or a financial document translated, LinguaVox can provide a translator with the requisite knowledge and experience in that specific domain. This depth of expertise ensures that industry-specific terminology is accurately translated, maintaining the integrity and intent of the original document.

Commitment to Quality

LinguaVox ensures top-quality service with its Triple Quality Guarantee, supported by ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certifications and internal checks. This system guarantees that every document is translated accurately and precisely, no matter how big or complex.

Global Reach and Local Expertise

With offices in multiple countries, including Spain, the UK, and the USA, LinguaVox combines global reach with local expertise. This international presence allows linguistic solutions firm to cater to clients worldwide, offering localized services that consider regional dialects and cultural differences. The local offices also ensure that clients have access to support in their time zones, making communication more convenient and effective.

Trusted Translation Agency

Over the years, our certified company has built a reputation as a trusted translation agency, known for its reliability and excellence. Clients from various industries rely on LinguaVox for their translation needs, confident in the knowledge that they will receive accurate and culturally appropriate translations. LinguaVox’s ability to handle urgent translation requests without compromising quality further sets it apart in the competitive landscape of translation services.

Advanced Technological Tools

While the human element is at the core of LinguaVox’s services, the company also leverages advanced technological tools to enhance the efficiency and consistency of its translations. Translation memory systems, for instance, help in maintaining consistency across large projects, while also speeding up the translation process. These tools, combined with the expertise of human translators, ensure that LinguaVox can deliver high-quality translations even for the most demanding projects.

Language Solutions in over 150 languages

We take pride in offering linguistic solutions, covering various industries and languages. Whether you require adaptations for legal documents, medical content, technical manuals, or websites, our expert translators ensure accuracy and cultural sensitivity.

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No matter the complexity or urgency, we stand ready to provide you with precise and timely English Translation Services for any language worldwide.

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Agencia de traducción LinguaVox, our leading language solutions provider in Spain, focuses on English-Spanish adaptations and sworn translations. With 18 offices across Spain, our translation company in Bilbao stands as the central headquarters.

United Kingdom

LinguaVox UK, our dedicated linguistic services company in London, offers authorized document translations in the UK and Ireland. This ensures seamless communication with our clients throughout England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.