Qualified Native Translators

At LinguaVox, we hold each of our translation specialists to a highly stringent standard. Our success in translation is driven by our collective technical and practical expertise, employing the unique talents of our individual translators to capture and intimate the full spectrum of meaning from every document we translate.

A top quality translator must not only be fluently bilingual, such a translator must also be an outstanding writer, speaker and thinker in both the translated and destination language. Only this level of linguistic accomplishment allows a translator to maintain full senses of meaning in parallel thought processes with no confusion or vagueness between them.

The goal of professional translation is to deliver a reading or listening experience that is indistinguishable from natively produced content, and only a translator with highly developed writing abilities and a personal appreciation for the character of the languages translated can produce this quality of translation. For this reason, LinguaVox Translators are selected for their cultural expertise and skill with lingustic illustration as well as their technical knowledge.

Another crucial aspect to professional-level translation is an intimate knowledge of the topic at hand within the translation project. Only advanced technical knowledge allows the breadth of understanding required to accurately render formal documents between languages. LinguaVox translators work painstakingly to ensure the accuracy of technical documents, and many of our translators also hold major degrees in

Finally, a top quality translator must have an enormous capacity for emotional understanding. While a technical reading of some texts can help create a basic understanding of the subject matter, the ideal result of translation is to retain the complex and specific significance of every idea presented by the original author, rendering them in the target language while taking cultural differences under constant consideration. This is why LinguaVox translators are chosen for their ability to intimate emotional content as well as understanding textbook language.