Translation, Localization and Interpretation Services

Our services comprise a range of translation types, including the translation of technical documentation, interlingual transcription, adaptation of media for global audiences and real-time interpretation for events, workshops and seminars. However, what we do in practice is about more than the simple rendering of words between languages. Professional translation services of the caliber we provide require mastery of three related skills: translation, localization, and interpretation.

Translation- The most common form of language rendering, translation involves drawing on not only the literal definition, but any figurative meaning and colloquial significance to ensure the highest standard of universal communication. Translation may involve rendering a written document such as a manual or patent between languages as well as transcription of audio or video content, all of which require meticulous attention to detail and an extraordinarily advanced knowledge of any languages involved.              

Localization- Localization can be a far more important aspect of retaining sense of meaning between media in different languages than simple translation. Localization involves the adaptation of software, websites or other content to the destination language, culture and locale, and is essential to ensuring content remains relevant to native readers or watchers after translation. LinguaVox specializes in localization services, employing a staff of technical translators and multilingual graphic designers that can ensure your message is clear and culturally appropriate.

Interpretation- By far the most demanding discipline of translation, interpretation is an oral form of translation that typically takes place simultaneously. This translation option is typically used to facilitate conversation during phone conferences or allow international personnel to gainfully attend speaking events outside their native language, and so the ability to think fluently in multiple tongues simultaneously is critical to accurate interpretation services. LinguaVox also maintains a team of skilled interpreters that take pride in helping our clients make language barriers irrelevant in the pursuit of progress.